MBDN Academy


 The first digital academy ever existed to educate, create and motivate a new generation of music industry professionals in the nomadic era.
MBDN Academy offers the chance to independent workers in the music industry to be professionally and spiritually trained to become a solid reference and personality in the music market, with the main characteristic of working as a digital nomad.
We train our students to manage skills as artist project management, creative direction, press office, booking, A&R consultancy, marketing strategy and more without renouncing living their best lives. 

“A great possibility for old and new generations. An adaptive concept that touches music business education as never before” – Rolling Stone

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Pre-enrollment starts on Monday, November 4th 2019. 

Courses start on March 2020. 

Contact MBDN-academy@hoolahopagency.com to get to know our programs, fees, starting dates and more.